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Jason from Toronto, Ontario on 2/6/2019 4:25:04 PM:
I'm planning to ride the GAP out and back from Pittsburgh this year. I'm going to drive from Toronto (about 5 hours), leaving early in the morning so I can ride 80km or so day 1. I'll ride to end of the GAP (or just beyond) and back, staying in B&B's (etc). I've done some reading on this topic but wanted to ask in this forum - where can I "safely" park a car close to the start of the trail (or even 5 miles or so along the trail), where I'm allowed to leave the car for 4 days or so? What are my options, which ones are free, or paid...both are fine to consider in my planning? Dropping off the car and picking it up will be done during the day.

LS Biker from Missouri on 2/7/2019 10:18:02 AM:
Thanks for posting this as I have the same question. I do not know the safe areas to park and if I pay, what would be a reasonable amount to pay.

Paul from Pittsburgh on 2/11/2019 10:24:44 AM:
According to their site, the First Ave Garage now advertises itself as long-term parking for GAP rides. They encourage you to notify the garage manager for multi-day stays and download the extended stay form. It's not cheap ($13 a day on weekdays, $6 a day on weekends), but it has 24 hour security and is probably one of the safest options. http://www.pittsburghparking.com/first-avenue-garage-and-station As for free? I did the trip in 2013 and my friend decided to park his truck in an unmetered spot next to the Cork Factory in the Strip District. The truck was still there when we got back and was not ticketed. Not sure I would I would be comfortable leaving MY car there though.

John from Pittsburgh on 2/15/2019 5:06:15 PM:
Besides the excellent advice for the others have given on this thread, you could also check out the parking lots across the street from PNC Park on General Robinson Way. I do not know their overnight policy but I have heard people have parked there for multiple nights. I would check with someone there to confirm. Anyways it’s right across the river, a quick hop over the bridge, and you are at the Medallion indicating the beginning of the GAP at Point State Park. Good luck!

Pat from Greencastle. IN on 2/16/2019 3:27:42 PM:
Hi, My husband and are taking 8 days to ride the entire length of the GAP and C&O from Pittsburgh to DC in late June. Not sure if you were planning at least 1 hotel night or not, but the Hampton Inn, downtown Pittsburgh allows you to leave your car for extended days if you stay there and let them know. Maybe consider coming down the night before, and staying there? That would give you a safe, secure place for your car while gone. Just a thought!