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Bivouac on 5/16/2019 3:12:58 AM:
Two Slow Bikers doing GAP C&O, 25-40 Mile's/day, not camping, motels ok.In early to mid-June, do you need reservations everywhere or can we call ahead day before OK? Any particular stretches that get heavily booked up we should plan more for?

Stephen from Jamestown,NC on 5/16/2019 8:21:52 AM:
I've done the GAP/CO twice in the last three yrs and will be doing it again next month. I've always made reservations a couple of months ahead of trip just so I know I'll have my name on a place to camp or a motel room. Last yrs trip was very wet and muddy and we ended up making last minute decisions to motel it instead of camping. We had no issues getting a room the day of. Every campground we've stayed has had plenty of other sites to pitch a tent and the motels have had rooms available. I like the comfort of knowing I have a reservation. Peace of mind, so to speak. Hope this helps.

Pat from Greencastle, IN on 5/17/2019 10:06:47 PM:
Hi. My husband and I are riding the GAP / C&O whole length June 21 to June 28....32-51 miles per day. We are staying at a few hotels, but mostly B&B's along the way. It is HIGHLY recommended to reserve months in advance as these trails are very popular if the weather cooperates. I made our reservations back in January.