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Reply to Water and food protection at C&O hiker/biker campsites.
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MH from Kensington on 6/7/2019 9:55:47 AM:
I'm backpacking along the canal tow path in late June 2019. Has anyone camped between Williamsport and Cumberland lately?I To save weight of carrying a lot of water,I plan on filtering water from pumps. Is there anyway to find out if pumps are working before I reach them? I remember a summer or two when some pumps were turned off for some reason. Also, I have been taught to hang food and articles that have a small in Bear/rodent bags.( You know throw rope an hoist from tree etc.) How are others dealing with their food overnight while camping at hiker/biker campsites? How is cellular coverage North of Williamsport?

Rivnuts from Homestead. PA on 6/7/2019 4:28:43 PM:
Yes. I rode and camped from DC to Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago including at the Indigo Neck Hiker/biker campsite between Wiiliamsport and Cumberland along with others. The pumps were working at all but one that I tried. You can find the status of water at the hiker/biker sites at: www.nps.gov/choh/planyourvisit/conditions.htm Page down to find the list of "remote water faucets" and there status. I can't vouch for the accuracy of that entire list however. I did not encounter any varmits after my food but I didn't carry a lot with me. I have heard recent reports of raccoons pillaging bags for food but those were at sites along thr GAP rather than the C&O. Cellular coverage from Williamsport to Cumberland was spotty at best and nonexistent much of the time.