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Reply to Western Maryland Rail Trail Extension?
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John from Pittsburgh on 6/10/2019 6:10:48 PM:
Last season when I rode from Pit to DC, you would exit the C&O at mile 136.3 and a small connector path would put you at the western terminus of the WMRT, Mile 22.5 (Pearre). I saw them building an extension going north but it wasn't yet paved and no signage existed. I just saw the official map and it looks like it goes out to about 28.5 miles in total, a six mile extension. According to map, it says the first interconnect would be approximately Mile 141 of the C&O which would put you just shy of WMRT Mile 28. Can anyone confirm if the new interconnect exists? If so, how's the new trail?

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 6/10/2019 6:52:08 PM:
I’m having difficulty correlating your C&O trail mileage mark with my recent observation. During my ride from DC to Pittsburgh 3 weeks ago, It appeared that the WMRT has been extended to within a couple of miles of Little Orleans/Fifteen Mile Creek. There was a new ramp down to the C&O. However I did not ride that far on the WMRT itself so I can’t comment on its level of completion or condition beyond its former end toward Little Orleans.

John from Pittsburgh on 6/11/2019 4:24:19 PM:
Riv, that’s the one. Last year, the first entry to the WMRT was at Pearre. Now it looks like a new entry is up near Fifteen Mile Creek to connect to the new extended part of WMRT. Yay, six more miles of paved goodness!