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Andy from Pittsburgh on 6/21/2019 11:19:19 AM:
Has anything changed for the washout just outside of Brunswick? The NPS has changed their wording and it isn't clear if they have installed a temporary crossing or just updated the description of "walk across the creek only when the water is low." Here is the current wording: "Towpath Detour. There is a short towpath detour around the washed out area - follow the signage off the towpath and onto a desginated pathway that leads to a temporary low-water* crossing across the creek. Get back onto a desginated pathway that leads back up to the towpath. Follow signage and dismount bikes before crossing.*During high water events, the crossing may be under water and unsafe to cross." Unless there is significant rain Monday onwards, we will likely at least take a look at it Wednesday morning. If not passable, back to the free shuttle.

John from Pittsburgh on 6/21/2019 12:41:27 PM:
I just googled “C&O Canal Twitter” and their twitter page is showing photos of a “low water bridge” spanning the creek at the top of their page. Hooray! They laid boards down across 3-4 huge concrete blocks. There are no barriers or handrails so this is clearly a temporary fix until they put in the real bridge. This is so great, no more shuttles (barring another washout).

Andy from Pittsburgh on 6/21/2019 1:06:36 PM:
I hadn't thought to check twitter. That looks like a much easier and cleaner crossing than the one I did last summer just a bit downstream from the boards.

Jill from Herndon, VA on 6/26/2019 4:13:59 PM:
My husband and I went through the Brunswick temp bridge this past weekend (23 Jun 2019) and there was no problem. It's very steep on the eastern side getting down to the bridge so we got off our bikes and walked across but it is easily passable.

Andy from Pittsburgh on 7/5/2019 12:30:47 PM:
Just a followup, we went over the crossing on June 26th with no problem. All three of us rode down the approach from the Brunswick side and across the stream. My girls couldn't make it up the other side and had to get off and push, but I managed to clear the rise. Quite steep on the Point of Rocks side, but quite passable. They have extended the trail surface down towards the creek, so it was much more "built-up" than I was expecting. IMO, this is meant as a multi-year fix and not a one-season band-aid.