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Reply to How do you deal with trash on the C&O??
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AA from Tyson’s Corner on 3/8/2020 4:26:13 AM:
Hi everyone - I’m planning my first trip on the C&O in late spring and I’ve got a question. How do you deal with your trash while you’re packing it out? In two senses: 1. How do you store it on your bike until you can dispose of it? 2. Where do you dispose of it? I’m hoping to stick to the path as much as possible and go “unsupported” but town visits...but my guess is that’s not possible when dealing with trash. Any advice?

John from Pittsburgh on 3/8/2020 9:30:55 AM:
Pack in, pack out. There will likely be no trash cans along the trail at campgrounds (to deter wildlife). Just bring some old shopping bags with you and put your trash in there and stuff it in your panniers while you ride. When you hit a town, find a trash can and get rid of it. That’s how I do it.

Rivnuts from Homestead,PA on 3/8/2020 12:54:33 PM:
I concur with John’s response. That said, with some planning you can try to minimize the amount of noncombustible waste you take onto the C&O. Note, you can burn combustible material with your campfires in the fire rings in the hiker/biker camp sites.

Anonymous on 3/11/2020 7:32:44 PM:
Pack it out is the only option....I had a cargo net for my rear rack that I was able to secure a bag under until I found a trash can.