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Reply to Little Sandy's Truck Stop & Restaurant in Hancock
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Joe from ESSEX on 8/25/2020 9:45:29 AM:
We always stop there on the way to or from our camping trip to Rocky Gap state park. They have a great hot Turkey and mashed potatoes Platters. So my wife and I discussed if we are going to eat it there or do take out with the virus going on and being a truck stop with drivers from all over the country stopping there. God bless our truckers. Anyway I told her if the waitress has a mask on then we will eat there because I don't want her breathing on my food. If not we will get it to go in a closable container by the cook. Anyway we walk in and I sit at a table because I see the waitress with a mask hanging around her neck and being slow I figure she will pull it up when she takes our orders. My wife goes to the bathroom and the waitress brings menus and ask what we want to drink and left the mask hand around her neck.I told her to wait for my wife to come back. So I get up to go back to the bathroom and tell her to get it to go because the waitress is not putting her mask on. So while I was going to the bathroom the waitress gets a little attitude with my wife because I sat at a table and now we want it to go. Sad because the food is good. At least that Platter is good. Not sure about the rest. But I can't get the virus because of my COPD will kill me. Sorry for a bad review but warning other customers.

Dave s. from Hatfield on 8/25/2020 11:16:48 AM:
I feel your pain. I was also just in hancock and had to do laundry, and get supplies. The pharmacy, of all places was not enforcing masking, nor was the dollar store or the laundry. It is like that everywhere, especially in these small towns all along the GAP and C&O. Ohiopyle, Connelsville also had serious making and social distancing problems. It is such a sad shame that these businesses continue to suffer at their own unwillingness to do a simple and even patriotic thing to protect us all. In Connellsville, the little grocery in town had multiple employees and customers not masking and the same with the Sheets there. AT Whites Ferry, I walked in to get cold drinks and hot grilled sandwiches for me and my kids and walked right back out because the employees were not masking. I truly want these businesses to survive. But I value my own survival more than I value the services they offer. What a shame.

WKR from Brunswick, MD on 8/25/2020 9:32:23 PM:
I'm surprised you had the issue in whites ferry. That's full on DC area and not an out of the way location. Of course, the virus doesn't care if it's out of the way or not but I would expect more of the city and suburban folks to not want to do business where they're not wearing masks.