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Myron Yoder from Middlebury, IN on 9/12/2020 4:35:09 PM:
I've not been able to locate a map or information regarding riding our bikes to Reagan Airport from C & O. We are wanting to rent a van to drive back to Pittsburg.

Richard from DC on 9/12/2020 4:55:03 PM:
It's a piece of cake. You just drop down to the river and follow it, bike paths all the way, to the 14th Street Bridge at the Jefferson Memorial. When you cross the bridge, you cloverleaf down to another bike path that will take you to the airport. Maybe two miles from the end of the towpath to the bridge, less than a half mile over the bridge, and a mile to the airport. But the rental car places are on Highway 1, which is west of the bike path. Cell phone GPS would help you find everything. Also, at about Mile 1, you'll see an asphalt bike path at Fletcher's Boathouse. Finishing the last mile on that puts you right along the river and the bike path that goes to the 14th Bridge. Follow the airplanes if all else fails.

Rivnuts from Homestead, PA on 9/12/2020 7:06:33 PM:
To see the route(s), request a route from Fletchers Cove Boathouse to Ronald Reagan National Airport in Google Maps and you'll first see the principal bike route that passes near Milepost 0 at the end of the C&O Towpath. You can also get to Reagan by not going all the way to Milepost 0 along the principal route above but rather cross the Potomac via the Francis Scott Key Bridge to the bike trail on the west side of the river. To see this route in Google Maps just drag the original route displayed for the original directions to the west side of the river after the Francis Scott Key Bridge. You can expand the displayed maps as necessary to see all the necessary detail to follow the directions. It is a rather easy ride but requires some vigilance to the directions the first time you do it. It is about 8 miles from the Fletchers Cove Boathouse to the Airport via either route. Hope this helps.