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Travelodge Brunswick

620 Souder Rd
240-722-9099 / 240-367-9472

Travelodge Brunswick is located approximately 0.7 mile from the C&O Canal Trail, in Brunswick MD

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Travelodge Brunswick
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Travelodge Brunswick in Brunswick
Tortuga on 2 wheels from Columbia, SC on 06/19/2023 04:58 PM:
This day was our 100 mile day. We started in Paw Paw , WV and ended here in Brunswick, MD. After 102 miles we arrived in Brunswick. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR IF YOU ARE STYING IN BRUNSWICK, BOOK A ROOM IN TOWN, AT THE BOTTOM OF TOWN!!!!. We messed up and stayed at he Travelodge b/c of the connected diner, however, the diner is 2.5 miles STRAIGHT THE FUDGE UP!! Seriously, it was a brutal climb on loaded bikes and the Travelodge does not have an elevator, so if you are on the second floor and want your bike with you, you have to carry it up 2 flights of stairs. The Travelodge itself is nice, clean, and friendly, but you will exhaust yourself getting to it. Eat and stay at the bottom of the mountain/town.

WKR from Brunswick, MD on 06/19/2023 05:50 PM:
There isn't a hotel or motel in town. The Travelodge and Holiday Inn Express are both uphill from the river. The only lodging at river level is the campground.

The least steep route is up Burkittsville Rd, which has a wide shoulder most of the way (unfortunately this is gone at the traffic light at the top of the hill).

If you use the Holiday Inn Express you can go through town and then take the paved Valley Trail uphill into the neighborhood where the hotel is.

You must have taken a weird route to get 2.5 miles between the tow path and the Travelodge. I used to live a couple blocks from there and was only a mile from the tow path.

Travelodge Brunswick in Brunswick
Theodore from Columbia, MD on 05/08/2023 07:18 PM:
This hotel is clean and the staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. Be advised, this is not in Brunswick and is somewhat isolated. There is a 24/7 dinner as part of the hotel.
Also, 0.7 miles is up extremely steep hills. If your exhausted, this is not pleasant. At the end of the day, it's perfect to relax once there