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White's Ferry Grill

Restaurant, Grocery, Point of Interest
24801 Whites Ferry Rd

White's Ferry Grill is located on the C&O Canal Trail, in White's Ferry MD

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Whites Ferry Grill
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Forum Discussions about White's Ferry Grill

White's Ferry Grill in White's Ferry
Michael from Brick,N.J. on 09/28/2023 04:17 PM:
Stopped here on 9/20/2023 and the food was great and so was the service and they also filled my water bottles.
A nice lunch break and many picnic tables or tables inside to sit and eat.
Highly recommend the stop.

White's Ferry Grill in White's Ferry
Tortuga on 2 wheels from Columbia, SC on 06/19/2023 04:44 PM:
6/12/23-This grill is def closed on Mondays. No water to be had. there are2 derelict drink machine , but only 1 is working. no prices listed, but got soda after scrounging up a dollar bill. Only drinkable water from here to Great falls is at the Lock house at Seneca. do not miss your opportunity.

man910 from DC on 06/20/2023 02:05 AM:
Too bad they were closed during your stop. The place has really good, fresh food.