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The C&O Canal Towpath Trail and Great Allegheny Passage

Ohiopyle PA on the Great Allegheny Passage

Mile marker 72
Elevation: 1207

Bike Shop
Bike Shop
Point of Interest
Point of Interest
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C&O Canal Trail
Great Allegheny Passage
Western Maryland Rail Trail
Benner's Meadow Run
315 Nelson Road, Farmington

Falls City Restaurant and Pub
112 Garrett St, Ohiopyle
Falls Market and Inn
69 Main St, Ohiopyle
Jellystone Park Camp Resort
839 Mill Run Road, Mill Run
Kentuck Campground

Laurel Highlands River Tours & Guest House
4 Sherman St, Ohiopyle
Ohiopyle Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe
85 Main Street, Ohiopyle
Ohiopyle Guest Houses
137 Grant Street, Ohiopyle
Ohiopyle House Cafe
144 Grant St, Ohiopyle
Ohiopyle State Park
400 Kentuck Drive, Ohiopyle
Ohiopyle Station

Ohiopyle Vacation Rentals
3054 National Pike, Farmington
Paddler’s Pizza
15 Sherman St, Ohiopyle
Rock Run Inn
800 Rock Run Rd, Elizabeth
Scarlett Knob Campground
133 Scarlett Knob Road, Ohiopyle
Trillium Lodge
PO Box 2, Ohiopyle
White Water Adventurers
6 Negley St, Ohiopyle
Wilderness Voyageurs
103 Garrett St, Ohiopyle
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Forum Discussions about Ohiopyle

John Bonbright from Shepherdstown, WV on 08/31/2018 09:12 AM:
The accuracy of the mileage figures from different sources seem to be off, in some case significantly. For instance, I ran westward from Ramcat to Ohiopyle in June. The last mile marker I saw before reaching Ohiopyle was "71" and the trailhead was another 0.2 miles further, so, using my keen mathematical abilities, I put Ohiopyle at 71.2. Your info has it at 74, however. I'm not being nitpicky but since I'm running this, accurate mileage is nice to have. For instance, your town info for Connellsville has it at 88, which would mean 14 miles from Ohiopyle. However, the mileage figures posted on the actual signs on the GAP have that at 19 miles. Those 5 miles make a big difference on foot, at least for my old slow arse! Confusing things further, the mileage chart on the "official" GAP web site lists it at 17 miles. Anyway, thanks for any clarity you can provide. Perhaps the mile markers themselves aren't correct due to the opening of that one tunnel a few years back? And maybe I'm the only one who actually cares about any of this! BTW, I LOVE this site, the town info is awesome.

Ray (webmaster) on 09/02/2018 08:54 AM:
Thank you John for pointing this out. After going back through all my records and references, I can only conclude that the listing of Ohiopyle as MM 74 was an error. I have corrected this number to 71.2 throughout the website.

Having said that, there is some variance in the town mile number and they cannot be counted on for absolute precision, but they all should be accurate within a few tenths of a mile - like you said, not a big deal for cyclists but a bigger deal for someone on foot.

Thanks again for catching that, and I apologize for any trouble caused by that error.

Happy trails!

Dean from Silver Spring, MD on 09/15/2015 08:20 AM:
The Ohiopyle campground may as well not exist for bikepackers. The campground is only accessible via a long, rough, winding, STEEP trail from the trail up a large hill to the campground. It is seriously LESS effort to continue onward to Connelsville (southbound) or Confluence (Northbound).

The town of Ohiopyle is a gem, though, and worth a stop for a meal or ice cream, or to check out the scenery of the falls. You can view the main falls (obvious), or the off-the-main-drag Cucumber falls (which are smaller but higher than the main), or the very unique swimming hole area of the natural water slides. Great place to cool off!

Geo from Kennett Square PA on 10/05/2015 07:11 PM:
I did that clime last year, avoided it this year. You can ride down it...somewhat. I can say this for the state park, nice hot showers and they will not turn away a bikepacker if the park is full.

Ryan Drummond from Philadelphia on 10/14/2015 11:03 PM:
I just completed the Pgh to DC route, and took some time to video the trail up to Kentuck campground within Ohiopyle. See youtube link below. Judge for yourself, the video is about halfway up the trail...however if coming from Pgh, IMO to reach Kentuck campground in one day is a long haul...


Allen from Shawnee on 02/07/2016 09:29 AM:
I have done this trip to Kentuck campground and would never, never, never, do it again, pushing a loaded touring bike up this hill is only for the young, which I am not. I watched the video and like most pictures of hills it doesn't portray the steepness very well. I agree it would be less effort to ride to next campground.:D