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Super 8 Motel of Hancock

Hancock MD
118 Limestone Road
301-678-6101 / 301-678-9717

Super 8 Motel of Hancock is located approximately 0.4 mile from the C&O Canal Trail, in Hancock MD

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Super 8 Motel of Hancock
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Forum Discussions about Super 8 Motel of Hancock

Super 8 Motel of Hancock in Hancock
man910 from DC on 06/14/2023 02:27 AM:
I stayed here on 6/6/2023, coming from Cumberland. It was the first motel I stayed at, and it will most likely be the last. There were stains on all of the chairs in the 3 rooms we booked.

On the plus side, they did have laundry facilities but someone changed the settings even though there was a sign that said only "these" settings worked. When I came back 45 minutes later, the light said that it was done but I checked my laundry and it was completely dry. The lady at the front desk was helpful and corrected it. Luckily, I didn't have to pay another $2.75 to re-do the load. The sign should have mentioned what "these" settings were. It turns out that only the hot water setting initiated water to pump into the drum. I also left the other setting at "heavy soil" but am not sure if that affects anything.

If you're facing the lobby, there is a hose out front to the left to wash your bike before taking it into your room. Note that there are no elevators, so if you stay on the 2nd floor, you will need to carry your bike.

Good eats is at Krazy Rays Smokehouse. The hostess was a hoot, and they give you A LOT of food for not much money. It also tasted good, too.

Super 8 Motel of Hancock in Hancock
Pat from Indiana on 04/27/2019 04:06 PM:
For those that have stayed at the Super 8, can I ask how easy it is to get there from the C&O trail? Are there any busy roads to negotiate? I don't mind a bit of extra distance, if we don't have to negotiate busy roads. Appreciate your comments...thanks!

Dave Gorman from Hollidaysburg, PA on 04/27/2019 05:44 PM:
It is just a short way off the trail. The one bike shop that is right there on the trail, has spartan accomodations but reasonable prices and hot showers.

Rivnuts from Homestead. PA on 04/27/2019 07:51 PM:
I stayed there three years ago. The Super 8 is, maybe, 1/2 mile off the trail. The road to it is the effective Main Street of Hancock but is pretty wide and, as I recall, has s shoulder to ride on. You just need to keep your eyes open and don't do anything foolish in route. The last few yards to the motel off the main road is slightly uphill but no big deal. I know of no other ways to get there. You could walk your bikes there from the trail in just a few minutes if riding on the road is not your cup of tea.

The rooms there were old and small but clean (cleaner than I was when arriving from Paw Paw all day in the rain). The breakfast was more limited than most as I recall with pastries, cereal and, of course, coffee. I'd stay there again, if not at the "chicken coops" at the bike shop. Then again, you don't have any other options that I am aware of.

I would recommend stopping at Weaver's Restaurant in Hancock for a meal or at least a piece of pie.

Charlie from Manassas on 04/27/2019 08:00 PM:
I have stayed in the “chicken coop “ at the bike shop several times. It’s a great way to meet other cyclists. You get what you pay for, but that’s part of the adventure of cycling the C&O or any other tour.

Super 8 Motel of Hancock in Hancock
Steve from Chicago IL on 05/24/2010 11:54 AM:
Stayed here in 2008 during a rainy trip from Cumberland to Georgetown. This Super 8 is what you would expect from a chain; clean, modest accomodations, and inexpensive. The staff was very friendly and the best part was they had a hose to spray our muddy bikes. Close to restaurants and the trail. I would stay here again.

Jobtraklite from Quincy, IL on 06/15/2010 10:29 AM:
Talk about deja vu. I could have written these same words when I did Cumberland to DC back in 1995, especially that part about the hose.