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Town Hill Hotel B & B

31101 National Pike
301-478-2794 / 301-696-2794

Town Hill Hotel B & B is located approximately 4.6 miles from the C&O Canal Trail, in Little Orleans MD

Open March - December.

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Forum Discussions about Town Hill Hotel B & B

Town Hill Hotel B & B in Little Orleans
Jason from Arlington, VA on 01/14/2013 11:15 AM:
I was terribly disappointed in my stay last October at the Town Hill Inn. Got the impression that I was inconveniencing the driver who shuttled me up the hill then was shoved in the back door so not to be seen by the “regular” guest. Very negative atmosphere towards bicyclist from the management in general. Makes you wonder how they deal with hikers? Stopped at Bill’s on the way out the next day and learned of a lodge just around the corner. Going to check it out during my 2013 trip.

Anonymous on 05/11/2013 06:10 AM:
It's unfortunate but I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only one disappointed in my stay at Town Hill. As outlined in my earlier post I'd stayed twice and was treated great. However, the last trip will be my last stay. As a hiker and biker I never feel "entitled" to extras. I plan on paying my way and whether I'm staying in a $30 dump or a $200 palace I always treat the room and furnishings as I would my own. I'd already told my group that they would need to clean their gear and bodies (clothing) before entering. I just never expected to be eating a gas station supper on a picnic table in cold and windy conditions after a full day of bike travel through pretty rough, muddy terrain. I understand that the property is listed "For Sell" or may be sold by now.

Rick Hancock from Grafton, Va. on 07/29/2013 02:02 PM:
Your experience is the same as mine from fall 2011. I'd stayed there 2-3 times and was always treated very well but my last visit will be my last. In fact I had another reservation with another group I was guiding on the Gap/C&O and I canceled it. I'd rather ride the extra miles from Cumberland to Hancock than to spend money where I'm not wanted. My group had to get sandwiches at the gas station and sit outside in the cold and wind at appx. 7pm to eat. then after using wire brushes to clean our gear we were escourted up the back staircase to our rooms and were given one shower (there are 3 showers up stairs) for 6 people to use. I'd rather stay behind the C&O Bike Shop in Hancock in the bunkhouse. Hot outdoor showers and it's clean.

Tyoungs from Pittsburgh,PA on 08/19/2013 12:57 PM:
I have reservations for a night during the week of 9/9. The gentleman on the phone was very pleasant and welcoming. I hope that my experience is better than these descriptions as I'm a bit nervous now.

Rick Hancock from Grafton, Va on 08/20/2013 05:19 AM:
As I mentioned in this post and another forum. I had wonderful stays on several occasions but the last stay will be my last. I'd always treated my stay etc with great respect. I understand his concern about dirt/mud and possible lack of respect but I'd never misused the property. Good luck and hope your stay is as nice as my first couple of stays. With all of the weather we've had this summer I'm not sure what kind of shape the C&O will be in.

Town Hill Manor B & B in Little Orleans
Cathy from New Mexico on 09/27/2011 01:23 PM:
We stayed here in September and it was fabulous. It's not on the trail, but they're there in 10 minutes to pick you up. They went out of their way to drive us back to the trail before they served the other guests breakfast in the morning. Great hospitality and service.

Dana from Arizona on 09/11/2012 10:36 AM:
One of the special places in America. You have to stop here if you have the chance. Do not do the ride--let them shuttle you. I would go back in a heart beat!!!

Town Hill Manor B & B in Little Orleans
Steve from Georgia from Tiger, GA on 07/18/2010 08:06 AM:
Stayed here several years ago, and had a great stay after riding south from Cumberland. The owners couldn't have been nicer, and the breakfast the next A.M. was wonderful before heading south again. They shuttle you to and from the trail.

Rick Hancock from Grafton on 11/26/2010 07:19 PM:
My wife and I stayed at Town Hill during a 3 day ride along the Passage/C&O. Great place, wonderful host's. It would be wise to arrange supper (which was very good) as there is no where to eat except Bill's. For a nominal fee $5 bucks each they shuttled us both ways. It's a long 6 miles! The Alabama tomato pie was worth the lodging fee!

Rick Hancock from Grafton on 01/14/2012 08:59 PM:
What a switch from my last review. I've stayed at the Town Hill Manor 2-3 times and was always treated very well. However, this past Oct. My group of 6 riders were greatly mistreated. The Passage was high and dry except for a major rock slide just east of Meyersdale, but the C&O was wet and pretty muddy after several days/weeks of lousy weather. The 3rd day we rode from Cumberland to Little Orleans and called for a shuttle from Bill's Place (I'd made the reservation about 3 month's in advance.)When we arrived after stopping at a market for sandwiches we were met in the front yard and told we could eat in the pavilion, it was cold and windy, 50's and we were wet, muddy, cold, and tired. We were told that a 40th high school reunion was going on so we couldn't use the dining area. There were about 40 people there and the room holds over 100. While we were eating the owner kept coming out and reminding us that we would need to brush ourselves and our gear before entering, we were told this about 7 times. I'd already stressed the need to my group and everyone understood. After cleanup we were taken up a few at a time to "keep from bothering" the other guests. Once upstairs we were told to use one shower, there are 3 available. I talked again to the owner about at least using a second shower which he finally allowed. While I was showering last he came up stairs and chastised my group about making too much noise we weren't allowed to come downstairs. The next morning we did enjoy the wonderful breakfast that I'd spoken so highly of even though we were placed away from the other patrons. When I mentioned how I wasn't very happy with the way we were treated the owner stated that several bike groups had misused the place and left dirt and mud behind. I understand that Townhill Manor is a nice place a great place in fact but if your going to take peoples money and it wasn't cheap then you need to except that we don't all arrive by vehicle wearing a coat and tie. I've always tr