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The C&O Canal Towpath Trail and Great Allegheny Passage

Little Orleans MD on the C&O Canal Trail

Mile marker 144
Elevation: 502

Point of Interest
Point of Interest
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Western Maryland Rail Trail
Devil's Alley Campsite
Little Orleans

Fifteen Mile Creek Aqueduct
Little Orleans

Fifteen Mile Creek Recreation Area
Little Orleans

Indigo Neck Campsite
Little Orleans

Little Orleans Campground
31661 Green Forest Dr, SE, Little Orleans
Little Orleans Lodge
12814 Appel Road, Little Orleans
Sideling Hill Creek Aqueduct
Little Orleans

Town Hill Hotel B & B
31101 National Pike, Little Orleans
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Forum Discussions about Little Orleans

Little Orleans
BarbS from Grand Rapids, MI on 04/21/2018 11:17 AM:
In the chart I don't see what the trail surfaces are. Is it asphalt from Hancock to Little Orleans?

Stillriding from Pittsburgh, Pa. on 04/21/2018 12:12 PM:
From Hancock you have two choices. The Western MD. Rail Trail which is 11.5 miles of asphalt till you are back on the C&O for the last 4 .5 mile to Little Orleans or us the C&O for the entire 16 mile trip.

Anonymous on 04/21/2018 01:02 PM:
That's a 16 mile trip. You have two choices. Take C&O the entire way or take the MD. Rail Trail that will be asphalt for 11.5 mile before it puts you back on the C&O Trail.

Little Orleans Lodge
Swagman from La Grange, GA on 09/15/2012 03:26 PM:
Spent many a night at Little Orelans Lodge on Appel Road, about .5 miles up the road from Bill's Place in Little Orleans. Why is Steve Huebner's place not listed? Close to trail, great value, and a killer breakfast. Beats the hell out of the Hill Top Inn who charges six bucks (both ways) to shuttle your butt from Bill's.

YellowBird from NJ on 10/17/2012 07:32 PM:
I loved Top of the Hill Hotel; fantastic inn owners, totally worth the $6 shuttle each way.

Anonymous on 05/11/2016 01:33 PM:
We stayed at little Orleans Lodge last fall. We stayed in the main house and it was very dirty. The kitchen was a mess and we weren't very comfortable eating the breakfast. Steve is a nice man, but he needs to clean the place up. I would not recommend this lodging to anyone.

Little Orleans
amae from Chesapeake, VA on 02/04/2016 04:38 PM:
The road to Little Orleans Campground is very steep with no sides at all. Blind curves and big hills might be too much for some cyclists. Campground is decent, but getting there was pretty scary for us. Wished I had known about the trip up there before planning to stay there.

Tom T on 02/14/2016 01:55 PM:
The other important thing to know about Little Orleans is when "Bike week" is taking place. That small area is overrun with Bikers (motorcycles). They are loud and obnoxious. They use Bill's Place and the Campgrounds. I believe Bike Week is in the 1st weekend of August.

Sue Roland's House for Rent
Darel from Norfolk, VA on 12/29/2013 05:21 AM:
Lots of talk up and down the trail about how nasty things are at Little Orleans Lodge. Found that Sue Roland rents out the little white house up the road from Bill’s Place. You can call her at (301) 606-4538 to arrange a stay.

Naismith from Florida on 01/03/2014 11:18 AM:
Always great to have more options, thanks for posting. But we were at LOL in October and found it to be very satisfactory. We had the upstairs to ourselves, and were impressed with how well-designed it is (bathroom is separated into two rooms, the large outside room has multiple sinks and good mirrors so a crowd can be getting ready at once). It all seemed very clean. Not sure of the definition of "nasty" or what we missed? Steve was incredibly helpful to us in our various phone calls as we were deciding whether to come during the gov't shutdown.

Little Orleans will be the new terminus of the Western Maryland Rail Trail when the funded expansion is completed, so more options are definitely needed.

Naismith from Florida on 01/09/2014 01:57 PM:
Forgot to add that LOL was no longer offering wifi when we were there in Oct. 2013. No big deal for us, as we were only carrying phones. But may be a problem for someone trying to do work in the evenings via laptop. If Sue's place is offering wifi, that would be a plus.