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Weaver's Restaurant and Bakery

Hancock MD
77 West Main Street

Weaver's Restaurant and Bakery is located approximately 0.2 mile from the C&O Canal Trail, in Hancock MD

Mon-Tue: 11am-8pm
Wed-Sun: 7am-8pm
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas

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Weavers Restaurant and Bakery
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Forum Discussions about Weaver's Restaurant and Bakery

Weaver's Restaurant and Bakery in Hancock
Jeffro from Greensburg on 05/18/2015 08:40 PM:
Nice place. The food is good... not exceptional, but definitely good and priced right. Just what my family expected. The soup was really good and the pie and deserts were great. What really set this place apart was our waitress. She was very attentive, knowledgeable about the area, made us laugh, and even gave us pointers about how to deal with mosquitos on the trail (tie fabric softner sheets to your bike somewhere). Would not hesitate to return.

New Owners at Weaver's
Carl from Baltimore on 04/12/2014 02:47 AM:
Weaver’s now has new owners and is serving breakfast Wednesday through Sunday starting at 8AM. Also, Omar and Adel have added a salad bar. Quality of the food has improved since my last visit but the prices appear to be the same. Their signature baked goods are still available so I’ll continue to stop by when ever in Hancock.

Rick Hancock from Grafton, Va. on 04/12/2014 06:55 AM:
Whew! That's good to know that they'll still offer baked goods. I usually call a day or 2 ahead of time when I'm biking through and have them bake a couple of loaves of Rye Bread for me to carry down the trail. Good food, fair prices.

Weaver's Restaurant and Bakery in Hancock
Swagman from LaGrange, GA on 01/11/2013 11:09 AM:
No longer serves breakfast. You have to go up the street to the Park-n-Dine for that.

Thombr00 from Pittsburgh on 07/07/2013 10:26 PM:
Weavers serves breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. I had breakfast there this past weekend. It was fantastic! The baked goods are tasty too! Check their website for the latest info www.weaversrestaurantandbakery.com