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Berkeley Springs WV on the C&O Canal Trail

Mile marker 132
Elevation: 764
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Forum Discussions about Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs
Anonymous on 06/06/2010 07:44 AM:
what is the detour like at mile 85 . how long is it and how hard; and what is the ride from berlkly springs to the trail like

Crystal from Grantsville on 09/14/2010 10:00 PM:
The detour is 6 miles..... up and down hills... small, fairly busy country road..... Hard? It depends on how tired you are :) Do-able but plan for it in your day.... Good luck!

jeff on 10/31/2010 08:52 PM:
Did the detour twice on Labor day week end since we typically do an out and back 50 to 75 mile rides. The return back portion we hit the pavement at Taylor's landing which was not as steep but a longer grade. over all it is about the best you are going to get for the area. Would not want to be very tired with a fully loaded bike since you would have to push it up the hill. Also need good brakes if you don't follow the sign about walking down the hill to the river. The hills are short but steep

Nigel Dardar from Hancock on 03/16/2013 10:11 PM:
Your question had 2 parts. In regards to your asking about mile marker 85, most of us refer to that area as Big Slackwater (downstream of Williamsport).That break in the C & O Canal is now 100% complete. No longer any need for any detour onto country roads at Big Slackwater. In regards to your possibly leaving the C & O Canal to visit Berkeley Springs, Berkeley is about 6 miles away from the Canal. No bike path to it. You travel on a busy Route 522. Perhaps best to arrange shuttle. Berkeley Springs is a great town, well worth the visit to Berkeley Springs. At that point on Canal you will be at Hancock (mile 124), you must visit Hancock. Also Fort Frederick at mile 112.1 is super. At mile 113 is Western Maryland Rail Trail, going West to Hancock it is smooth/level asphalt--Super Ride into Hancock from Ft. Frederick. If your goal after Hancock is to continue West past Hancock, stay on Western Maryland Rail Trail for 12 more smooth miles on asphalt before returning to C & O Canal towpath.

lenny on 03/17/2013 04:08 AM:
Nigel, Great answers, I am in complete agreement with your answers.