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Fall in Ohiopyle
Fall in Ohiopyle, PA on the GAP
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Bill's Place in Little Orleans
Eddie Fost from Hancock, Maryland on 10/09/2011 03:58 PM
I presently live in Catonsville, Maryland. My mother was from Pearre four miles from Little Orleans.Prior to Bill owning it, it was Charley Callan's Store. As a kid I was in there many times. I am a friend of Bill Shonadel and have been in his place many times. I had a trailer in Little Orleans campground which I sold in August of 1998. Hope to see Bill again before too long. My son was just up there and took a picture of Bill. I didn't recognize him as it had been 13 years since I have seen him. Beer tastes better at Bill's Place.

vabiker23518 from Williamsburg, VA on 10/12/2011 10:03 AM
Wife and I stopped by during a ride in August and were happy to see him too! Looked good to us!

Betty Walter from Cumberland on 11/15/2011 01:08 PM
On 11-14-11 Me and my BF rode from little Orleans to Paw Paw Tunnel and back to Little Orleans...We were lokking so forward to a beer and supper at Bill's Place but was not open at 5 pm and had a sign on the door that he would not be open till 6pm. Hungry and really wanting a beer after our ride we headed back to Cumberland to eat and have a few beers. We were so disappointed.

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Tagged: Bill's Place

Little Orleans B & B
gg from springfield on 10/30/2011 07:08 AM
I do not recommend this place. The owner was not ready for us even though we had made reservations 2 weeks before. The place is very cluttered and the mattresses are awful - very old and thin. The bathroom we two couples shared was clean enough. For breakfast we got rotten bacon although the french toast and homemade bread were okay. Also, do NOT use the owner's shuttle service. He was supposed to pick up our car in Cumberland and drop it off at a B&B in Harper's Ferry (for a price, of course) but lost our car key!

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C&O plus GAP
Dan from Austin, TX on 07/02/2011 05:56 PM
We, ages 59 & 71 rode from DC to McKeesport end of May, 2011. Lots of wet areas on C&O due to flooding and a few bad days of storms which left many trees down on the C&O and a few on the GAP. We stayed at motels & B&Bs with one night in MD at a county-run conference center. All in all a great ride. The GAP Trail is especially well-maintained, partly I'm sure because the Potomac doesn't rise onto it. We can supply details of motels, etc. To answer question I've seen several times on this board re: tires, we rode on 700x37 Continental Travel Contacts and had no problem with them - no flats, they handled the muddy & washed out sections very well.

Anonymous on 07/02/2011 10:26 PM
Thanks for your report. It is helpful. Approximately how many miles per day did you ride?

dan on 10/06/2011 05:46 PM
just got back to this forum. emili me if you would like further info on our trip

pizazz from maine on 10/17/2011 10:48 AM
I'm curious, too...how many days? Planning a trip for next spring.

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Antonio from Chicago on 10/14/2011 10:37 AM
Let me start off by saying WOW. Sandy can cook! My girlfriend and I traveled out to Pennsylvania from Chicago to see Falling Water and decided to stay at this B&B. Best decision ever. It's a beautiful Victorian Era home that has been kept in great shape, inside and out. Sandy, the owner/caretaker made the stay even better with her delicious cooking.

The breakfasts were amazing (large omelettes with fresh produce, pumpkin french toast, homemade raspberry jam, biscuits...). We also spent the extra $30/plate for dinner the first night and it was well worth it. 4 course meal that consisted of cheese/fruit h'ordeuvres, salad with strawberries, bleu cheese and nuts, 16oz steak cooked to perfection, and a choice of four different kinds of homemade cheesecake or pumpkin pie. If I would have bought this in Chicago it would have easily been twice the cost. Well worth it! Plus Sandy doesn't skimp on anything, nor does she serve generic, frozen, or highly processed foods. She is a chef that takes pride in her cooking and serves only fresh homemade dishes. Plus she accommodates food allergies, diabetics, vegetarians, and vegans.

Besides the food, there is also a wine shop out back, which Sandy was also responsible for adding. She operates this satellite wine shop for a local winery, and also sells many other local goods such as honey, salsa, glass artwork, candles etc.

This B&B is a one stop shop for everything in the area. You get a place to stay, delicious food, wine, and all sorts of local goodies. If you are visiting Falling Water, Kentuck Knob, or passing through the Great Allegheny Trail, definitely check in at the Confluence house!

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Tagged: Confluence

Greg Kalamasz from Hookstown PA on 10/12/2011 05:20 PM
I passed through in July, I appreaciate the support for the trail from the community. I met a few of the local trail workers and thanked them. Thanks to all for their work .

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The Crabby Pig in Cumberland
Cathy from New Mexico on 09/27/2011 01:33 PM
Great place for lunch!

Paul A on 10/02/2011 09:17 PM
I ate there after my thru hike of the C+O in April of this year. While I thought the food was good, it wasn't anything special.

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Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown
Cathy from New Mexico on 09/27/2011 01:30 PM
We showed up covered with mud after being on the trail all day. There was a hose outside where we washed our bikes and everything else off before we even went inside to check in. Very bike friendly, as they told us we were welcome to keep our bikes in our rooms. (which we did only after they were totally clean and dry). Great bar, great restaurant, a fun bike ride across the bridge from the trail.

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Tagged: Bavarian Inn

Rockwood Trail House in Rockwood
Cathy from New Mexico on 09/27/2011 01:25 PM
Fun place to stay, right on the trail. Good bike shop with GAP bike shirts!

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trial conditions White's ferry to Shepherdstown
Jeff Weintraub from Darnestown on 09/22/2011 01:30 PM
Given the recent rain fall, anyone know if a bike trip between these points would be worthwhile or too wet?

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Hiking C&O
Robert keith from LA/DC on 09/08/2011 05:18 PM
I hiked the entire C&O in June. Though it was a great experience, I never came across another through hiker over 15 days..

Paul A on 09/14/2011 11:52 PM
I too did a thru hike of the C+O in the spring of 2011, from the end of March into the beginning of April. I hiked westbound and there was one other going the same direction as part of the American Discovery Trail. In my opinion the C+O would be the perfect place for a person to do their first backpacking trip.

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C&O Advice
Kevin from Annapolis, MD on 09/10/2011 11:16 AM
Hi, im planning on riding from Cumberland to DC. I Live in Boulder CO, so im not sure of the rainfall there this time of year. Any suggestions at all? will i get a sunny day?

Anonymous on 09/13/2011 10:20 PM
I googled "October weather" for DC, Cumberland, & Pittsburgh and have the average temps & precipitation. I hope this helps.v

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Is Great Falls, MD open?
Bill from Gaithersburg, MD on 09/09/2011 04:09 PM
I am planning a run Saturday morning. Does anyone know the condition of the towpath in the area around Great Falls?

Anonymous on 09/12/2011 02:27 PM
It's open. Sorry, too late for your Saturday run, but for the benefit of anybody else out there who might still be wondering.... The towpath managed to dodge the heavy rains, and is open.

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Flooding - not so bad
Ray (webmaster) on 09/08/2011 11:44 AM
This Thursday morning, September 8, NPS reports that predicted levels of flooding in the canal park have been reduced. The park is therefore cancelling the call for volunteers to help sandbag Lockhouse 6 or to empty Great Falls Tavern.

Great Falls Overlook remains closed at this time but will reopen by tomorrow. Canal boat operations will resume on Saturday, September 10, but the Billy Goat A Trail at Great Falls will remain closed through the weekend.

Dave P from Boyertown, PA on 09/09/2011 01:32 PM
I'm trying to schedule a final day's ride to finish a Relay for Life fundraiser. Possibly for next week. (Final day was interrupted by Irene.) What's the trail condition - Brunswick to DC? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Major Flooding Forecasted, Expect Closures
Ray (webmaster) on 09/07/2011 06:38 AM
C and O Canal Association sent out this warning yesterday (Sep 6):
Major Flooding Forecasted, Expect Closures throughout the Week

With high levels of rainfall forecasted through this week, the C&O Canal National Historical Park is bracing for major flooding. Visitors should expect the towpath, Visitor Centers, and all lockhouses to be closed, effective immediately.

The flood is expected to be more devastating than the flood of 2010. Please respect all closures and use extreme caution as the river's waters can rise quickly.

Volunteers Needed for Sandbagging
Call the Trust TODAY to help!

In preparation for the flood, the C&O Canal Trust will be sandbagging around Lockhouse 6 this Thursday, September 8, at 1:00 PM, to prevent damage to the park's resources.
Call the Trust at 301-714-2233 for assignment details

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Anyone hike the GAP?
Paul A from Long Island, NY on 09/05/2011 09:22 PM
I'm considering hiking the GAP either this fall or next spring after having hiked the C+O this past spring. I'm hoping to camp along the trail and resupply in the towns along the way.
Can anyone offer any advice from having already done this themselves?

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Trail condition after Irene
Rodney p from Orlando on 08/28/2011 07:42 PM
I'll be biking the C&O this coming weekend. How is the condition?

Lynn from Murrysville on 08/31/2011 03:51 PM
We are going too but worry parts of the trail may be closed. Anyone know the trail status?

lenny on 09/01/2011 04:23 AM
There is a 5 mile detour near McConnells Mill. It is well marked

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Anonymous from Lewisburg, WV on 05/18/2011 02:34 PM
Is it possible to walk bikes through/around the detour near MP 85?

Anonymous on 08/07/2011 06:07 PM
No and don't follow any detours over the highways out of Williamsport. They are WORSE than the detour.

Nutter from Indiana, PA on 08/22/2011 03:53 PM
Stick to the posted detour; make sure you have plenty of water for the trek, there's little to no shade for the duration.

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Grandma's Country Kitchen & Inn in Paw Paw
sjw440 from Elyria OH on 04/30/2011 03:39 PM
On 4/29/2011 I found that Grandmas Country Kitchen and Inn has a new owner and the new phone is 304 947 5009

Cathy on 05/01/2011 05:56 PM
Thanks. I called and got a fax machine but it's good to know they are open.

Anonymous on 08/07/2011 06:09 PM
Found Country Kitchen open and good food and service.

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Bear Sightings
Sean from Maryland on 07/27/2011 02:34 PM
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there has been frequent bear sightings on the trail in the area between Little Orleans to Paw Paw. If you camp in this area take the typical precautions with your food. Also, don't toss food to the bears and encourage them. One bear is a good size, perhaps 7 foot. Generally these bears run off if they hear you approaching. No reports of aggressiveness to date. The C&O Rangers are aware of them. Happy Trails!

James from Monkton, MD on 08/03/2011 01:45 PM
Thanks for the heads up. I was speaking with a Ranger who was on patrol along the river and he pased on the same information to me.

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Williamsport Red Roof Inn
Colette from Monroeville PA on 07/27/2011 08:48 PM
I found this to be a satisfactory place to stay while in Williamsport especially for the cost.

Paul A. on 07/31/2011 08:00 PM
I agree.
And for me, as a hiker, the fact that they've got a coin operated washer and dryer is a BIG plus.

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Tagged: Williamsport

Pgh-DC ride
lenny on 07/09/2011 04:43 AM
Sandcastle to McKeesport is a very nice trail.A quick 6 miles to McKeesport. Leaving Harpers Ferry this AM for final leg Had a very good trip. rain all afternoon yesterday, lot of large puddles snd 2 flats. Just part of the experience. Will elaborate when I get home

Harry on 07/26/2011 06:43 PM
I am planning a ride in September, I'll be renting a car and driving to the Pittsburgh area then biking to DC. Do you or anyone else have any suggestions on places to stay overnight near the trailhead in Duquesne/Homestead? I believe this is now open This seems to be my biggest challenge in planing the trip. My fallback is to stay in Pittsburgh then take a shuttle/taxi to the trailhead. Thanks for any ideas

Lenny on 07/28/2011 08:50 PM
Harry yourJuly comments are not coming up on my computer!!

Harry on 07/31/2011 04:21 PM
I am planning a trip this September. I'll be renting a car and driving to Pittsburgh. I am having trouble finding out which is a better option... 1, Staying overnight in Pittsburgh then taking a shuttle to the trailhead or 2. are there better options near the new trailhead in Homestead / Duquesne. I've read that biking the road from Pitssburgh to the trailhead is not a good choice


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Where can I leave car in Cumberland?
Ron from Indianapolis on 06/12/2011 09:23 AM
Planning on doing the C&O from Cumberland to DC and was wondering where in Cumberland I can leave my car. Does the National Parks office still allow cars to be left in their lot after registering? Thanks

MTBaddict from Connecticut on 07/30/2011 10:14 PM
There is an area near the visitors center where you can leave a car for free. We asked about crime and break ins and were told that none have been reported. It was almost like covered parking because it is under an overpass. Also, there are some parking garages, one right across from the police station.

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What's to See & Do Along the GAP?
MTBaddict from Connecticut on 07/30/2011 10:08 PM
Am considering cycling the GAP in September and would like to stay in motels. What are the local attractions along the trail? Is it all just nature?

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Hancock C & O bike shop
Colette from Monroeville PA on 07/27/2011 08:56 PM
They are awesome! Repaired one of our bikes in 45 minutes. Friendly.

lenny on 07/28/2011 08:54 PM
He fixed mine as well, in a short time and reasonable cost. I would suggest that bikers patronize this business.

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Tagged: Hancock

Slickville to Indiana, PA
Ken Nutter from Indiana, PA on 07/26/2011 07:04 PM
I'm horrible with names and can't quite recall, but I appreciated the talk and tips biking on the West Penn Trail this past weekend. The heat got to be a little much after Blairsville, made it thru black lick before calling in a ride for the rest of the way to Indiana. Made it around 32 miles overall, and once my bike is out of the shop for spoke repairs and a tune up, I'm gonna try to return trip.

lenny on 07/28/2011 08:42 PM
Ken, good to hear from you. Sadly the bikes are not as tough as the riders. Hope to see you on the trail again, I enjoyed your company.Lenny Mucci

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C & O Trail 7/22-27
Colette from Monroeville PA on 07/27/2011 08:45 PM
I found the trail in fairly good condition with the warning that it is NOT smooth. There are pockets of muddy patches but they are easily avoided. This could change with storms however.
There are areas with larger gravel used which makes it harder.

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Paved sections of trail
New to C&O Trail and GAP from Winchester, VA on 07/17/2011 07:27 AM
Have a five year old and we are trying to take in sections of the trail that are paved for his training wheels. Have enjoyed the paved Hancock bike path tremendously. Are any other areas set up the same? Thanks for your help.

vabiker23518 from Williamsburg, VA on 07/18/2011 12:11 PM
To my knowledge, on the C&O there is some paving very close in to DC, and the WM around Hancock. The GAP is pretty nice but only short stretches are paved.

Randy from Elizabethtown on 07/20/2011 01:17 PM
The paved Western Maryland Rail Trail runs from Big Pool (Fort Frederick) MD to Pearre (23 miles long).
You mentioned Hancock, MD. That would be about the mid-point of the trail. At various points you can jump off and go on the C&O Canal for a while if you want to take in some river views. The only other paved areas would be down around DC that I know of. Have fun!

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Randy from Elizabethtown on 07/20/2011 01:08 PM
The Admin needs to update the Mileage Chart information. There is ample PARKING available on the Maryland side at the PAW PAW Tunnel. You can fit approx. 30 vehicles there. The Tunnel itself is within walking distance of the Parking area. There is also water and camping available.

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Sandcastle to DC
Lenny on 07/11/2011 07:55 PM
Rode 5 days 7/5-7/9,32hrs29min/338.3miles. Trails in very good shape, except for Friday, rained last 30 miles to Harpers Ferry. Trail was also muddy Whites Ferry to Seneca on Sat. We rode 60 to 74 miles per day.Had a great time. Lots of improvements on C&O, should be excellent next year along with the connection to Pgh.

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lenny on 07/04/2011 06:23 AM
Leaving tomorrow 7-5-11 from sand castle for a 5 day ride to DC, with 5 friends. This will be our 2nd ride. Hope to leave from the Point next year uninterupted

vabiker23518 from Williamsburg, VA on 07/07/2011 08:19 AM
We're looking forward to hearing how the first leg of your trip, from Sand Castle to McKeesport works out. We've not been there since all the new bridges have been emplaced in/around Pittsburgh. Thanks,Wayne

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C & O bicycle and bunkhouse
John from DC on 07/04/2011 12:01 AM
This is a great place to stay in Hancock at mile 125. The owner is very friendly as is the bunkhouse caretaker. I packed light (no tent) and it was a pleasure to not get soaked. 10 bucks gets you a shower, a Jose to wash the muck off your back and a hard bed.

Anonymous on 07/04/2011 12:02 AM
That should read hose. Typing on phone. Also the sleepei g accommodations are screened in.

vabiker23518 from Williamsburg, VA on 07/05/2011 01:16 PM
We stayed there two nights in June. Agree with everything you said, but was a little disappointed in the cleanliness of the bunkhouse. Don't think its been swept this year!

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Great Trip
smitty from virginia beach on 07/02/2011 05:00 AM
Just finished my ride along GAP and C&O (26-29 June). An absolute great ride. Averaged 75 miles each day on MTB w/ 20lb beam rack/bag. Would like to hear from those who have ridden it through with no to one overnight.

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great bike support
Colorado Riders from Fruita, CO on 06/29/2011 09:38 PM
Earlier this month we had our bikes and trailers shipped to the West Newton Bike Shop so that we could ride from there to DC. The folks at the shop were great! We recommend them and the B&B Bright Morning. Great folks that all went an extra step to help us have a great ride to DC. Thanks to all!

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Old marine from Erie, PA on 06/26/2011 05:18 AM
My wife and I have never been to Ohiopyle, we would like to stay there for a few days and ride the GAP. One day ride North out and back and the next Day South out and back. Any recommendations for a place to stay?

Colorado Riders from Fruita, CO on 06/26/2011 05:04 PM
We just got back from riding the GAP-C&O canal trails and had a great time. We camped at Ohiopyle State Park and it was wonderful (minus the too friendly racoons). Nice spots and shower house close-by. The trail is a short but steep quarter mile from the park. It is definitely a push you bike up, but if you're looking for good camping, OSP can't be beat. Enjoy the trail. We wish we were riding it again soon!

lenny on 06/26/2011 08:45 PM
Yough Plaza Motel, 1-800-992-7238. By the way the trail runs east and west. and the trail is in the park, which is from Connellsville to almost Confluence

JULIA A WRIGHT on 06/28/2011 11:50 AM
We were there recently, intended to camp but the weather was really bad so we rented a Yurt at the State park. It was great , like half- camping!-

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lenny on 06/24/2011 09:25 PM
Doe's any have a report on the condition of the towpath as of this week?

vabiker23518 from Williamsburg, VA on 06/28/2011 08:37 AM
We biked from Hancock to Paw Paw and the trail was in great shape. Some wet spots here and there, but overall very good.

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Side trip to Falling Water?
Jeanie from Rifle, CO on 05/23/2011 11:08 AM
Any great ideas for traveling the 4 miles to reach Falling Water? I have been told Highway 381 is not safe to bike on and we haven't found any shuttle service?

Colorado Riders from Fruita, CO on 05/23/2011 11:42 AM
Hey, we're from Fruita and will be riding the trail in June. We've made arrangements for a shuttle through the raft company Wilderness Voyagers--very reasonable. It allowed us to make reservations at FW and not worry about the ride on the road. When will you be riding?

Kate from Indpls, IN on 06/22/2011 01:55 PM
Could you share the shuttle service number? We will be doing a side trip too and may want to grab a shuttle.

julia on 06/23/2011 10:07 AM
We were there last week and chose not to risk life and limb on our bikes, we got a shuttle ride from the Wilderness Voyagers people, on the north side of the river.They will drop you right there and you call them when you want to come back - it cost us $25, well worth not dying for!

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Three Questions...
Anonymous on 06/19/2011 05:11 AM
After reviewing the site and in planning a trip, I still have 3 questions.

1. Pittsburgh to DC or DC to Pittsburgh? Which is the best option? Are there prevailing winds to be considered?

2. Flat bar 29er with 1 1/2 - 2 inch tires or drop bar cyclocross bike with 32-35mm tires?

3. How many miles a day is reasonable for a person who rides 5000 miles a year on the roads at 14-17 mph? (For comparison purposes, if helpful, ride the KATY in Missouri fairly often 50-75 a day is reasonable there....is that reasonable here?)

Any insights for those of you with experience on this trail will be helpful.

Thanks so much!!

lenny on 06/21/2011 04:47 AM
I like Pgh. to DC. Its easier for me I dont have your skills.TheX bike with 35's is a good choice.Yes, I did 60+/day last year and planning to do the same this year

lenny on 06/22/2011 04:34 AM
When are you going? We leave July 5 from Homestead.

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Judy Snyder from Elizabeth, PA on 06/18/2011 03:05 PM
My son and his 3 children (ages 5, 7, 8) are in the process of riding to DC. They left the Northside of Pittsburgh last Saturday and will arrive in DC sometime on Tuesday. I am trying to find t-shirts for each of them. Something that includes the C&O Canal Trail & Great Allegheny Passage or "I rode the trail from Pittsburgh to Washington DC" with the miles included. I cannot find any t-shirts for children. Does some one know where I can find t-shirts for children? Thank you. This has been such an accomplishment for them.

Paul A on 06/20/2011 09:25 PM
While the shirts wouldn't be ready for their finish you might try making custom Tee shirts at Cafepress.com You upload whatever you want on the shirt and they make it and then ship the shirts to you. I've used their service for a couple different custom Tee shirts and was happy with the results. That way you can have each person's name on their shirt as well as include dates of start and finish as well as milege and maybe a picture of the trail map.

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